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"I strive to write in such a way that people must think and react while reading. My desire could never be to find a way to change all men; instead I strive to keep the reader focused on a general theme, all the while informing, entertaining, and stirring their interest through each character's mind."  Robbie L. Rogers

Wake up America! We are living witnesses to the birth of a new-age, or new world order. Whether good or evil shall be its lifeblood depends on you and me. For centuries, perhaps tens of centuries, writers warned us that unseen powers and forces direct our lives. Some pledge grotesque blood oaths, vowing horrible death and dismemberment to themselves and others for failure. Yet, many similar powers offer benevolent deeds, disguising their true operations; their purposes shall always be questionable, in that they are secretive.

One secret organization existing since 1921 deep within our government makes no attempt to hide their ambitions, vowing to change the very roots of our Constitution. Since 1952, all major presidential candidates were members of one or more secret organizations, or joined after election. Similarities in such powerful groups often exist, giving one cause to wonder about hierarchy organizations, each one greater than the next, masking all true intentions. This is the contention of the infamous TRIAD and its secret members, created in the mind of the author for this book. Granted similar organizations might exist, nonetheless this book should not be misconstrued as an attempt to expose or belittle any group. Any coincidences should be considered as just that, and never factually accountable.

Belonging to a secretive organization does not make a member good or evil, however supporting, or helping in any way, carries the full burden of guilt, if any, of that group. We do not judge nor imply the good or evil intent of any secret organization, only wonder why they withhold full disclosure.

Squarely placing the full burden of guilt on each of us, this often brutal, good and evil story-driven plot, portrays the valiant struggles of one man. Lew Harris stands along with the characters surrounding his efforts, in a backdrop of disguised ambivalence, corruption, hi-tech secrecy, and intrigue.

Compelled by truth, honesty, dogged determination, and courage-out-of-ignorance, Lew relentlessly attempts to free himself from the past and pay back an unruly society, unwittingly fighting against the subversive and unworthy agenda of a massive maze of outside forces, power politics, and an ambitious TRIAD defense industry empire.

Lew Harris and Sarah Converse are drawn deeper into a dangerous world of intrigue and deception where they unknowingly have in their possession information that could be disastrous to the powerfully evil forces in this country. The TRIAD will stop at nothing to protect its worldwide interests as they relentlessly pursue the two who as they run for protection together find they are drawn into a loving relationship with each other and find truth in honesty.

Eventually the plot involves the murder of the President and sixty others deemed unfriendly to the TRIAD. The book delves deeply into real and fictitious characters and events, involving back door corruption and DoD civilian and military personnel, contracting offices and politicians.

Most have but one chance in life; one decision, no matter how carefully thought out, sets in motion a happenstance in the pinball game of life. Without choosing we are propelled this way or that, going along or fighting back, but always being pulled into what we become. Finally, unable to admit guilt we often issue, I am "Guilty of No Wrongdoing"; I only do what others do

This book neither contains nor implies a factual accounting, only that of what could be. Furthermore, although many good conscientious DoD and related industrial corporations and individuals exist, we concentrated on the corrupt.

When reading this story note how often similar instances, if true, would effect your life. It was especially true of one, Lewis Hardhead Harris, a mechanical engineer, who chose truth and honesty in the shadow of the cross while rambling through the maze of the Defense Department and its huge "me-too" industries.

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